get experience at a growing, innovative start-up

We are an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising the profile of aerial dance in America, with a goal to make it easier to sustain a career as a professional aerialist in the United States. Check out our openings and apply to be an intern below!



    NEWSLETTER & graphic Designer

    • Brainstorm and develop monthly content calendars
    • Collaborate to create engaging, relevant content for U.S. Aerial's subscribers
    • Create flyers, ads, and posters for U.S. Aerial marketing and advertising campaigns
    • Prepare and send our professional newsletter monthly via MailChimp
    • Experience with MailChimp and the full Adobe Suite preferred



    • Develop and plan a unique event fundraiser for U.S. Aerial (at your studio, anywhere in the world!)
    • Market and raise the profile of aerial arts in your city!
    • Earn a % of any donations and sponsorships that you secure!
    • Join us for the "big event" May 13-15, 2016 in New York City!



    • Brainstorm unique marketing for the aerial community
    • Identify professional aerialists, studios, schools and others in the aerial community to target for outreach
    • Outreach, raise awareness and increase participation in the U.S. Aerial Championships
    • Earn a % of any donations and sponsorships that you secure!


    • Brainstorm and create new features
    • Update the U.S. Aerial website as needed to keep current
    • Troubleshoot technical issues with Squarespace's team
    • Experience with Squarespace preferred



    • Help develop value propositions and identify potential sponsors
    • Manage relationships with senior clients of existing sponsors
    • Liasion with existing U.S. Aerial partners such as, Rose Nagelberg Theater, etc.
    • Earn a % of any donations and sponsorships that you secure!


    SPECIALTY POSITIONS (non-internship)

    • Seeking advice from Lawyers and a Bookkeeper to help U.S. Aerial, Inc. maintain 501(c)(3) status.
    • Possibility to join the Board of U.S. Aerial


    • Influence a new and growing brand!
    • Work from anywhere, on your schedule

    • Gain experience in a start-up company

    • Learn tips, tricks and skills from professionals in event planning, marketing, fundraising and networking


    • Passion for aerial dance

    • Ability to set goals and a work schedule to achieve them

    • Interpersonal skills to work on a diverse, talented team

    • Excitement to put on an amazing, community-changing event!



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