Video Guidelines

  • Video length: minimum of 2 minutes; maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Pole, Silks, Lyra: Video may only include or show the applicant. (No doubles/group pieces).
  • New & Innovative Apparatus: Video must include all applicants.
  • Video must be upright for viewing, not sideways or inverted.
  • Only one apparatus type per video (Silks, Lyra, Pole, New Apparatus).
  • Video DOES NOT have to be single shot, unedited,
    • Video cannot be a trick reel or highlight reel.
  • Video does not have to be of a live show performance or competition; studio/gym settings are perfectly acceptable.
  • All aspects of video must be royalty-free. Applicant takes full responsibility for copyright issues and all claims against the video.

Submission Rules

  1. Submission must be received using this form. Emails with links or video attachments are not accepted.
  2. Submission must be made with a link to a publicly viewable video only. "Unlisted" or "Private" links are not accepted.
  3. Applicants may submit to more than one category (Silks, Lyra, Pole, and/or New Apparatus), but may only submit to each category once.
  4. Applicants are responsible for knowing and understanding the rules prior to submission.

Judging Criteria

Video submissions and the live performances will be judged by the same criteria, as follows:

  • Difficulty (20%): Unique, innovative, or difficult transitions, moves, tricks, skills, and sequencing both on and off the apparatus.
  • Execution (20%): Performing with technicality, flexibility and strength, both on and off the apparatus.
  • Movement Artistry (20%): High versatility of movement that exhibits grace, fluidity, and ease (in keeping with the theme/style of the piece) both on and off the apparatus.
  • Performance Artistry (20%): Musicality, expression, storytelling ability, and audience engagement both on and off the apparatus.
  • Enjoyment-factor (20%): “I liked it!” “I would buy a ticket to a show to see this applicant perform live.”

Tip: Difficulty & Execution are the elements that make a perfect photograph. Movement Artistry & Performance Artistry are the elements that make a perfect video. 


  • The decision of the judges are final.
  • In the event of a tie, movement artistry and performance artistry are combined and weighed against difficulty and execution marks. The performer with higher performance & movement artistry marks will receive the higher placement.
  • Judges will not converse with each other.
  • Competitors may not communicate with the judges at any time the day of the competition, until the competition is over.

Selection Process

  • The U.S. Aerial Advisory Board and Guest Judges will view and judge the submission videos within two weeks of the submission deadline
  • Finalists will be announced via email, FacebookInstagram, and on or before February 1, 2016.