New & innovative apparatus

Have you created a new & innovative apparatus? Need a place to showcase your invention?  Apply to the 2016 U.S. Aerial Championships in NYC! 


Aerialist and innovator of the spiral is Tanya Brno.  
Photographer Jym Daly

New & Innovative Apparatus Guidelines

  • Apparatus must be relatively new.  Something you created and have fabricated.  
  • It can be a combination of existing apparatus. 
  • Apparatus should influence the creativity and movement of the performer. Artists/performers are encouraged to explore movement distinct and unique to the new apparatus.
  • No drilling into floor allowed.  
  • Both Aerial and Floor apparatus are considered for this category.
  • Must be able to transport your apparatus to NYC for the May 2016 Championships.  
    • Use of U.S. Aerial pole is allowed.
  • Use of fire is prohibited.
  • Group pieces are allowed in this category.  To qualify, all group members must perform on the apparatus simultaneously at least once during the routine. 


Examples of Apparatus that are no longer 'new'

  • Lollipop
  • Aerial Pole
  • Aerial Bike
  • Aerial Chandelier
  • Aerial Sphere
  • Aerial Cube
  • Cyr Wheel
  • Aerial Anchor
  • Aerial Kite
  • Aerial Moon

When in doubt - SUBMIT IT!


Innovator is AERA Dance

Video and Performance Rules

  • May perform solo or in a group
  • If perform in a group, all group members MUST be on apparatus at same time at least once during performance.
  • Submission Video must include all applicants.
  • Submission Video DOES NOT have to be your final act.
  • Should follow all other guidelines laid out in submission rules.
  • 6 acts will be selected for the live shows.  2 will perform each night over May 13, 14, 15, 2016. Winner will be announced during May 15, 2016 award ceremony.